Your eyes deserve to feel refreshed, relieved and rested.

Eye Spa

Our Eye Spa ensures that your eyes are rested, relieved and working at their best.  We utilise diagnostic testing for eyelid disease, dry eye, and other eye conditions that may be causing dry, irritated, stressed eyes.  We then manage and treat any symptoms or simply provide a relaxing eye spa. Your eyes will feel amazing!

About Us

Jenvis Pro Dry Eye Assessment

Dry Eye Diagnostics

Our technology can provide a thorough assessment of dry eye including eyelids, tear film and conjunctival factors. The eye is a complicated organ and dryness is a very common symptom caused by a multifactorial process. We can determine the cause of the dryness and consequently treat accordingly. 



These special steam goggles enable us to heat your eyelids to a maximum heat for gland expression and massage.  Many dry eye patients have dysfunctional glands and the Blephasteam is one of the best tools on the market to treat these glands.



EYE-LIGHT  IPL uses a combination of photobiostimulation and pulsed light to treat meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye. It is completely painless and many patients mention how relaxing it is.

It combines a unique and patented combination of OPE (Optimised Power Energy), IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy)  to treat both upper and lower eyelids.