About Us

Why Choose Us


We take care of your eyes with a holistic approach and offer unsurpassed service and a great experience. Most of all we care about our patients. We also endeavour to provide great value with quality products at great prices. Our contact lenses and optical lenses are sourced from highly regarded suppliers. We can claim for all health funds and can also offer 'no gap' solutions. Visit us to find out more!

See Better, Look Better, See Us!


Your eyes are the window to your soul so they should look amazing, see clearly and express who you are. Here at Optom On Collins we will ensure your eyes are thoroughly examined for detection of early stages of any eye disease, and with our state of the art equipment diagnose and treat any condition that you may have. We will also help you choose an amazing frame and high quality lens type that will ensure you look incredible.

Exceptional Service


Our aim is to provide such an experience that you will want to return and recommend us! We care about our patients and want you to feel relaxed and confident that you are in great hands. We are friendly, provide exemplary customer service, don’t rush you, and want you to see the same faces every time you come back. 

Feel free to come in and browse, and find out more about all the services we provide.  

Our Staff

Susan Callahan


Sue has been practising for over 20 years in a wide variety of settings, both in Australia and Canada. Optom On Collins is her first solo practice after a successful partnership at Eyes On Docklands.

She enjoys every aspect of optometry, but especially taking care of people with a holistic approach and diagnosing and treating ocular disease. She has a strong refractive surgery background, working with ophthalmologists and directing a laser surgery clinic in Canada. She enjoys building strong relationships with the community, including allied health professionals, GP's and Ophthalmologists.

Outside of Optometry, Sue enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 children: playing tennis, swimming, cycling and triathlon. 

Dr Sophie Holmberg


Sophie completed her post-graduate Doctor of Optometry at the University of Melbourne in 2016. She has a passion for all areas of optometry, and has particular interests in emergency eyecare, diabetic eye disease, foreign body removal and myopia control. Since graduating, she spent time working in rural Victoria before deciding to travel all over Australia for work, gaining experience in many different areas of optometry. She loves helping patients find the perfect solution for their personal visual requirements, whether it be a new pair of glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses! 

Outside of optometry, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing netball, and planning her next holiday.

Shyan Frendo


Shyan has 25 years of experience in the optical retail industry, that has seen customers follow her far and wide. She knows how to find the perfect fit & will not rest until she has found you the pair of glasses you have been dreaming of!!

Shyan is full of effervescent personality which is customer focused. Her strengths lie in eyewear fashion trends, customer service, marketing and visual mechandising.

She has a very successful and extensive retail career… managing practises and purchasing stock with an artistic flair that comes naturally to everything she does.

Her love of life is contagious. Whether it be people, fashion, music or food she embraces life with enthusiasm and style.